Starting Your Therapy Journey

Engaging in mental health therapy begins a journey. My goal is to provide a safe, neutral space where I partner with you in this journey as your guide empowering you to process, grow, heal, and work towards life goals you have.


Every individual is created unique. We all are made up of 4 parts: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. When 1 of these 4 parts are neglected we suffer. As an LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker), I approach working with you holistically.

Therapeutic Models Used

I am trained and effectively use many therapeutic models, including the following:


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
    Action-oriented form of psychosocial therapy that focuses on changing an individual’s thoughts in order to change his or her behavior and emotional state .
    Other forms of CBT I use are: TFBT, DBT, Social Stories
  • Narrative Therapy:
    Collaborative and non-pathologizing approach which center people as the experts of their own lives viewing problems as separate from people and assumes people as having many skills, abilities, values, commitments, beliefs and competencies that will assist them to change their relationship with the problems influencing their lives.
  • Motivational Interviewing:
    Goal-oriented, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence.
  • Expressive Play Therapy:
    Establishes an interpersonal process wherein the therapist uses the therapeutic powers of play to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development. I also utilize Expressive Art Therapy
  • Structural Family Therapy:
    Focuses on resolving the flaws in the family structure and communications in order to restore the normal function of the family system.

Therapy options provided:

I provide several forms of outpatient therapy outlined below. First sessions will consist of a diagnostic evaluation, which is $125. Sessions following are $100. I do take insurance and have a sliding scale. Please contact me for a free consult and to obtain more information on how therapy may be beneficial for you!


Individual Therapy:

I provide individual therapy for youth and adults from the ages of 5 up through older people.

Couples and Family Counseling:

Have someone strengthen and nurture your family towards healthy relationships.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy provides a powerful support from like-minded individuals working towards the same goals as you.

Experienced working with the following diagnoses include, but not limited to: Depressive Disorders, Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Adjustment Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum

Getting Started


If you are interested in starting to work with Abigail Fernandes, you can contact her by phone or email for a free consult to discuss if she can provide the therapy you are looking for.

Before meeting for your first session, please take time to review the introductory document below. This goes over all basic information for outpatient therapy including: privacy and confidentiality, defining the service, scheduling and billing.