About A Bead of Joy


Abigail Fernandes, LICSW
Founder, A Bead of Joy

When Abigail was 12 years old while living in Alaska, she became fascinated by the beadwork that the Inuits created and sold at local art fairs. She bought her first bead book and supplies and began teaching myself. Hence began her long journey exploring beads! As she traveled around the United States and in Europe, she collected beads and created unique designs inspired by cultures she engaged with globally. Some of these places include: Alaska, Pueblos in Western United States, Native American territories in North mid western United States, Ukrainian and Russian beading, other Slavic countries, and Turkey.

Abigail received her bachelors degree in social work at Gordon College, later obtaining her masters degree at New Mexico State University focusing on diversity within individual and group therapy. With her LICSW (Licensed Independent Social Worker), she works as a mental health therapist providing individual therapy and facilitating therapy groups.  Abigail incorporates multiple models in her therapy, using various genres of art, psycho-education, writing and discussion. Her goal is helping process, express and create healthy self-actualization within individuals and connecting them holistically back into their community.

Therapeutic beading groups orchestrate a holistic use of the senses and bonds individuals together in a communal process as they create their own unique pieces.  Therapeutic beading groups:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease stress
  • Instill positive coping strategies
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Improve executive functioning, fine motor, and visual perception skills
  • Provide an avenue to express emotion through colors and textures
  • Bond individuals together naturally
  • Connect people together in fellowship and community

Abigail believes that we are all created uniquely. After completing her masters degree in social work specializing in working with diverse populations, her art continues to reflect those ideals, as well, and is woven into expressive art therapy. Beading is one of several mediums Abigail uses.  Each piece of jewelry is a culmination of multiple cultures, designs and styles. Our world is so dynamic and we each have so much that makes us shine in our own way! If Abigail’s art and jewelry brings a smile to the wearer and makes them feel special in some way, then she has completed her mission!

Every piece has a little of Abigail in it, A bead of Joy, Abigail Joy.  Her therapy, the groups, her art and jewelry has been inspired by the rich life experiences she has had and people she is blessed to know.  Abigail’s wish is each piece of art brings a piece of joy, just as she desire to inspire in people.  Joy is misconceived as “happy”, when joy actually goes deeper than that and can be experienced during deep life challenges.  Joy reflects a sense of active, living peace.